Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dog Beach Goers Beware!

I love dogs. Big dogs, little dogs, blue dogs, red dogs.... But their owners?... Not so much. Today is a great day to walk on the beach. It is warm and not a cloud in the sky. Days like today are good school skipping days. We call them "snow days" even though it never snows here. I'll be taking my camera down there later this afternoon. Sam will surf and I'll dawg watch.

Limb in the Sand
- By Patti Prizler 2009

I spotted a man
Along the sandy shore
Heard the waves
Crashing with a roar.

Choosing to run ahead
A dog once close by him
Left a surprise,
The size of his limb.

Good ol’ guy,
One you like to befriend.
Grabbed his bag
To the limb he would tend.

Swiftly walking
As the dog scampered on
Glanced from his height
Wishing it was gone.

And in my shock
Of his great dog’s blunder
I found myself in awe
Of the great way to cover.

His foot took a swipe
Of a large lump of sand -
Couldn’t believe what I saw
‘Cuz guess where it had land!

Right over the limb,
Never skipping a step
This guy kept his bag,
And the poop he just let!

Turning back to the shore,
Calling the dog to his side
He sat next to his girlfriend
No angst did he grind.

I wanted to scream,
Poop has been banned
How dare he leave,
That limb in the sand!

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