Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Downtown HB Photoshoot 2012

Around the downtown Huntington Beach Photoshoot.
I think what I love the most are backgrounds. Who would ever know that the first photo is on the porch of the police station off of Main Street.  She was laughing at me because I told her I had the Forever 21 sign in the background...  and she chimed in with we needed to go to the Antique store afterwards. Which we did in the next photo. (but I consider us collectibles, not antiques!)

This photo was inside my favorite local hotel: The Shorebreak Hotel. Just inside the stairs take you up to the reception area. I liked the faint teal wall and the shadows that were cast on it in the following photo.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Zach & Jody's Workshop in the OC 2012

Straight out of the camera with Zach & Jody!
This weekend I went to a workshop with two adorable young fabulous photographers and with their training, use of equipment, and great models, we learned how to shoot in different lighting and create some spectacular photos.

I have not touched any via photoshop or lightroom, but wanted to show off a few because even if I didn't do anything with them, action wise, I think they are pretty spectacular! Off to buy some equipment... lol
LOVE ZACH & JODY!!!  Check out their site at: http://www.zachandjody.com/

PS: When they come back to California I will go with whomever wants to attend! Worth every penny.